What "Increasing Your Productivity" Means To Your Agency...

With the last vendor Mr Chesnut worked with his clients averaged a 48.7% drop in their workload. This was accomplished because the last vendor was one of the most productive systems of its time, along with providing training to his clients on how to maximize the use of the system and teaching productivity strategies.

CP Manager is significantly more productive than the previous system Mr Chesnut worked with so we would logically anticipate an even higher average increase in productivity with our clients. (FYI, the other system was bought out and shut down.)

With just 2 CSR's and paying each $15/hr, a 48.7% drop in your workload would give you an additional 2,026 hours a year to use however you want, like to grow your agency. This 2,026 equates to $30,389 of additional work toward your agency. What would you do with an additional 2,026 hours a year, almost 169 hours per month? Freeing up this much time really opens up the possibilities to further build and improve your agency!

>>This 2,026 equates to $30,389 of additional work toward your agency<<

If you have more than 2 CSR's, you'll have more hours gained each month, your financial savings will be larger and you'll see more profits coming into the agency.

Plus, you will be able to go a lot longer without having to hire another CSR, an advantage to increased productivity EVERY agency really appreciates!

After working with many agencies over the years, clients of Mr Chesnut have told him many stories of what the increase in productivity did for their agency. He heard things like... their CSR's thought they were going out of business because their workload dropping so much, or how the agency went from not being able to get all of their work done each day to spending half the day playing solitaire with all of the free time they now had.

Increasing your productivity will do wonders for your agency and your profitability!

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  • More work done in the day
  • You'll need less CSR's for the same size book of business
  • Agency profits will continue to grow as your expense ratio decreases
  • Your agency cross-road (when you need to hire another CSR) will be farther apart
  • Increasing your productivity is by far the #1 thing you can do to increase your profits
  • Have said for years, "Increased productivity equals increased agency profits"
  • It increases job satisfaction!
We've Been Meticulous Of The System's Design And Functionality Focusing On Your Day To Day Work

What we've done has never been done before and we accomplished it by NOT modeling any other systems so we wouldn't fall into the same trap the other systems on the market fell into by having the same common design. This is also why it's taken so long to get this system written.

Instead, because we already knew the short-comings of the systems on the market, we re-engineered the Agency Management Systems so instead of hindering your ability to create a highly productive agency we designed a system -- CP Manager -- from the ground floor up with productivity elements and workflows fully integrated into the system to massively increase your productivity! 

You are going to be blown away. Seriously, you really are!