About 1 1/2 Years After Releasing CPM We'll Be Introducing The First "True" Agency Management System...
Automating More Of Your Agency. Giving You More Tools To Do More.

TIME Agency Management System

  • The first "TRUE" agency management system
  • Automates much more of your agency than just your clients and their policies all within one system
  • The Staff Hub will grow in features to more thoroughly work with and manage your staff
  • You'll see the Carrier Hub with more features to more effectively work with your carriers and their field reps.
  • An exclusive advanced Sales Hub to very effectively manage the sales process to more efficiently turn prospects into clients and clients into multi-policy clients.
  • An Exclusive Marketing Hub that'll bring powerful innovative marketing strategies to your agency.
  • Another hub to very thoroughly analyze your book of business and to find sales opportunities within your book of business. This is feature new to agency management systems and long overdue!
  • The ability to analyze your book of business!
  • The TIME System will be introducing quite a few new exclusive TIME System features, features new to the agency management system.
  • The TIME System isn't just about adding more Hubs. It's also about adding a lot more functionality with the existing Hubs for a more thorough solution.
  • The TIME System is taking agency management systems to a whole new level and will allow you to manage far more of your agency, all in one system!
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When you purchase CPM you'll NEVER go through another data conversion again.
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Why We Are Asking So Many Questions...

Because we're getting ready for launching the company and our primary focus at this time is to establish those agencies interested in our BETA program and Pre-Launch. For these two important phases of launching the company we need to know all of this.

CP Manager is the first system we'll be introducing. About 12-18 months after the release of CP Manager we'll be introducing the first "true" agency management system... the TIME System.
When are you planning to purchase a system
This lets us know how big of an increase in productivity you'll have by switching to our systems along with other important things
The needs of an agency changes as they grow. The number of users you have gives us an idea of what your core needs will be.
Do you need the data from your current system, if you're on one, converted to our system?
Another way of populating your data is with a Policy Download Dump from your download carriers.
FYI, the Hybrid model requires a network server and a web server. Also, we will start out with only offering Online Hosted until we have enough staff to support the additional work of helping an agency install a web based system on their network.
Your accounting needs. For limited accounting we will also offer our exclusive External Accounting feature. Full accounting will be coming a few months after we start General Release.
What do you need for downloading?
Would you like to be a BETA Tester? If yes, share % of PL & CL in the "Comments" box below. We're offering the largest discounts and bonuses to BETA testers.
Are you interested in purchasing during our 30 day Pre-Launch for the 2nd greatest savings and receiving some amazing bonuses? Pre-Launch is when we train our staff prior to going into General Release. We have a very nice discount and some great bonuses for our first 50 clients.
I'm an agency and not associated with a competing agency management system, and I won't forward or share what you send to me with representatives of other vendors. (We are offering product features & layouts, and are offering services new to the agency management system and system vendors. For obvious reasons we don't want our trade-secrets and proprietary things ending up in the hands of our competitors.)
If there's anything else you feel we should know, enter it here. The more we know about what you need, are looking for and what your must have's are the better we can serve you.